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About this item

  • [Fruit Shapes] This ceramic cup is inspired by fruits and is designed with many cute shapes such as strawberries, grapes, pineapples, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, apples, etc. They're cute and creative, adding fun and surprise to your drinking time.
  • [Personalized handle] This cup adopts a unique handle design, which is comfortable to hold. It is not only convenient to take, but also adds a unique personality charm to the cup.
  • [Sleek Cup Mouth] The cup mouth is designed to be smooth and thick, which not only ensures a comfortable feeling when drinking, but also makes drinking water smoother and less likely to drip.
  • [Smooth Bottom] It is worth mentioning that the bottom of this cup has been finely polished, smooth and flat, and is not easily scratched when placed on the table, increasing the durability of the cup.
  • [Suitable Capacity] The capacity of each fruit-shaped ceramic cup is very moderate, meeting daily drinking needs. Strawberry cup length 15cm, height 11cm, capacity 610ml, grape cup length 14.5cm, height 10.5cm, capacity 450ml, pineapple cup length 13cm, height 11cm, capacity 500ml, banana cup length 14cm, height 10.5cm, capacity 450ml, pumpkin cup length 15cm, height 9.5cm, capacity 430ml, The orange cup has a length of 15.5cm, a height of 9.5cm and a capacity of 540ml. The tomato cup has a