Soft Silicone Cat Seven Colors LED Night Lights USB Rechargeable Children Baby Kids Night Lamp Creative Cartoon Room Decor Light

Rs. 1,490.00
Type: light lamps

With a cute Cat as your night light, you'll always have a smile on your face 

Introducing the Cute Silicon Cat with USB Rechargeable Night Light and Gesture Control Sensor. This adorable night light features a cat that responds to your touch and can be controlled using gestures. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery will provide hours of fun and relaxation, while the soft LED light provides a cozy glow

When in 7-color Breathing Mode, the CUTE CAT cute night lights for the kid's room will change 7 different colors in sequence. Just enjoy every color of a rainbow~

Easy Touch Control

Tap or press the cat lamp to switch between 8 colors breathing modes warm bright mode and 7 rotating color modes.


Warm & Soothing Light

cute night light shines warm, soothing light to create a safe& comfortable atmosphere, and gets your baby to sleep deeply throughout the night.                                                                          

Sleep Companion

Does your kid have a fear of the dark and it was always a challenge for him to go to bed and stay in bed?


This silicone night light gives a pleasantly soft and squishy touch, kids love to hold it to sleep.

Used it for Reading at Night

It is hard for your little boy/girl to hold the flashlights in bed to look at books? Cute night light for reading in her bed at bedtime is a good choice. Turn it off and on by just tapping.


Portable to Take Everywhere

Boys and girls will love carrying their portable night light through the hallway to the bedroom or to the bathroom at night. Designed with the perfect handheld size, baby night lights are easy to take with you anywhere!

Best gift for kids

The cute lamp is suitable for a birthday, Christmas gift, or baby shower... No doubt you will see a big delighted smile when your little one opens the gift box.