Floating Moon Lamp, Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp, 15.9inch Spinning 3D Night Light with Magnetic Base, Room Decor Moon Light, Birthday Christmas Gifts for Kids

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About this item

  • UPGRADED MAGNETIC LEVITATING MOON LAMP- DTOETKD upgraded magnetic levitation base is very easy to sense. You don't need to laboriously sense the magnetic force. Take out the levitating moon lamp, after charging the base, just hold the moon light ball gently and place it on top of the base to keep 3 seconds to make it float.
  • LEVITATING MOON LAMP MADE BY 3D PRINTING - Levitation moon lamp with the diameter is 5.9 inch, made with 3D printing technology, the surface of the moon lamp is very close to the real lunar moon, novelty and charming
  • MAGNETIC LEVITATING MOON LAMP WITH TIME SETTING - 30 min / 60 min, after press each of these buttons, the levitation moon lamp will light for 30 minutes / 60 minutes. From now on, never worry about waste the power of your moon light.
  • MAGNETIC LEVITATING MOON LAMP WITH 18 COLORS - The colors can be flash and fade, very colorful and full of fantasy. Perfect decoration lights or gift for Valentines ,Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday ,Party, Wedding, Anniversary, Father's Day and other.
  • REMOTE CONTROL - Colors and brightness of the light emitted by the levitation moon lamp can be controlled using a remote control. A newest cool concept, very fancy and unique decor for your home, office, conference room
  • The lamp is a remarkable piece of technology combining art, science and bit of whimsy. This extraordinary lamp levitates above the base using an electromagnet and the moon lamp is powered by Magnetice instructions. 
  • A replica of Earth's moon 3D printed in intricate detail levitates above the base as the electromagnetic forces create a magical floating effect.
    The lamp floats above the base because of the magnetic force pushing the moon lamp away from the base.
  • In addition to the levitating feature, the lamp also features built-in LED lights, which emit a soft and warm glow, simulating the enchanting radiance of the moon.
  • The light in the moon lamp is powered by magnetic induction. The same electromagnetic force that causes the moon lamp to levitate above the base lights the moon.
  • There are no batteries in the moon lamp itself.
  • As long as the moon lamp is floating in the magnetic suspension, the lamp will be lit.
  • Since the lamp is floating in air, the lack of friction means the moon lamp will keep spinning gently as long as the base is powered.
  • This Moon lamp is a harmonious blend of art, technology, and illumination, offering a mesmerizing and ethereal lighting experience for any space.