Blue Mountain Pattern Decoration Craft, Round Plastic Home Ornament For Home Decor , Gifting , Room decor , kitchen decor

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Color - Blue

About this item

  • Sand Art Table Lamp: The bedside lamp has a unique design and decoration concept, combining the art of moving sand with the table lamp, not just has the function of lighting, but also is a good decoration in your home.
  • High-quality material: The quicksand painting lamp is made of high-quality metal and glass materials, which is a rare work of art.
  • Dimmable light: The quicksand painting light adopts the usb interface, button control, and seven light modes can be adjusted at will. Satisfy your needs.
  • 360°rotation process: The entire sand removal device is under your control. Every time the delicate quicksand is turned, the picture changes. Different sands have different weights, and the falling of the quicksand forms a fascinating picture.
  • Novelty Gifts: This moving sand art painting is a novelty gift that reflects your elegance and artistic appreciation. It is suitable for giving to friends, colleagues, lovers, and it is also a gift choice for festivals and birthdays.
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